XS Scuba is a trusted provider of top-quality diving equipment and accessories, catering to the needs of diving enthusiasts worldwide. Our extensive product range includes durable and reliable diving tanks, precisely calibrated weights for buoyancy control, and a wide selection of accessories to enhance your diving experience.

We offer tanks, weights, and accessories you need for safe and enjoyable underwater exploration. With XS Scuba, you can dive with confidence, knowing that you have the finest diving equipment and accessories to support your underwater adventures.

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Uncoated Lace Thru Weights can make you a good impression. Because Sea Pearls Uncoated Lace Thru Style Hard Weights Sea Pearls is a product that is made from one device.

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XS Scuba soft mesh weights are manufactured from lead that has been reclaimed from car batteries. The reclaimed lead is melted down and supplemented with small amounts of other elements to enhance its properties.

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Avoid the need to handle uncoated lead by using vinyl-coated lead weights. Uncoated lead can mar boat decks and swimming pools. Our vinyl-coated lead weights protect these important surfaces. Nobody in the industry does it better. Our vinyl coating is tough and long-lasting. It resists scratching and the vinyl coating will not peel off.

A superior alloy makes a superior aluminum scuba tank. XS Scuba Gas Cylinders offers a broad range of high-pressure aluminum scuba cylinders. More than 50 years ago, XS Scuba developed the world’s first aluminum scuba cylinder in collaboration with the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau, inventor of the original Aqualung equipment that revolutionized underwater diving.

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A good quality plastic net will help protect the paint coating of the cylinder. It comes in 4 different colors Blue, Black, Green, and Pink. It will fit mostly all sizes of tanks. You can now make your tank color-coordinated with the rest of your gears.

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XS Scuba's Finger Spool Reel is manufactured using an injection-molded process using glass-filled nylon. Comes with 100 feet of #24 high-visibility yellow nylon 16 strand line that has a break strength of 123.5 lbs - 130 lbs (56 kg - 59 kg). The finger spool reel also contains a 4-inch stainless steel double-ender bolt snap with 18-8 stainless steel internal springs.

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Technical Diving requires special equipment. Stage Bottles are an intricate part of Technical Diving for Improved Safety and Proper Techniques. XS Scuba's Stage Bottle Strap Kit is essential in meeting these requirements. Stage Bottles are used by divers who need Extended Bottom Time and can't carry that additional gas supply with them while diving deep.

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XS Scuba's Cylinder Boots are manufactured using high-quality injection-molded construction with a self-draining and durable design. The boot is equipped with an octagon rim to prevent the cylinder from rolling while it is lying down. The boot protects the cylinder bottom from damage and allows the diver to stand the cylinder upright to aid in regulator and BCD mounting. 

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XS Scuba's Valves are designed and manufactured for long life and heavy use. The Thermo by XS Scuba Pro Valve is no exception. Valve is made of marine-grade brass with triple bright chrome plating for long-life protection in saltwater.

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  • 316 Grade Stainless Steel Construction
  • Internal Springs are 18-8 “Rust-Free” Stainless Steel
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Highland by XS Scuba's Stainless Steel Cylinder Bands has been designed for just that purpose. Built 100% from18-Gauge .048" (1.22 mm) 316-Stainless Steel, with a #4 surface finish these are one durable and long-lasting set of bands. Bands are precision manufactured to the exact specifications of Joe McGrath's original Highland Millwork Bands.

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  • Fits our Deluxe K and PRO valves
  • Protect the valve outlet
  • Nylon cord lanyard included - not attached