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Aqualung Air Dry Purge Snorkel is a bendable snorkel with a large diameter tube, has a purge reservoir with 2 valves, and is very flexible and durable thanks to the flexothane. Attaching the snorkel to a mask is quick and simple.

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Aquilon Purge snorkel with semi-dry top designed starting from ergonomic and comfort values. The innovative technical features guarantee a fast purge operation.

Aqualung Mix Snorkeling set is a cool mask and snorkel set for juniors aged above 4 and up. The mix mask that comes in this snorkel set has a 180-degree vision to cover a wide range of visibility.  The snorkel on the other hand is ergonomically designed to wear for a longer period without discomfort.

The Aqualung Sport Duetto LX mask and the Palau LX snorkel are the perfect pair to be your next snorkeling set. This set comes with the Duetto regular size mask which is a one fits most type mask.

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Traditional anatomic silicone mouthpiece (no purge) and D-shaped barrel. Ideal for scuba and free diving.

Let your kids explore the mysteries of the underwater world in comfort with the Junior Cub Kids Snorkelling Combo from Aqualung Sport. This top-quality Kids Snorkel Combo includes an Easy-to-Adjust Mask with 100% Silicone Face Skirt for a comfortable, leak-free fit for smaller faces and Submersible Dry-Top Snorkel that keeps water out and has a built-in Safety Whistle. Let your kids focus on adventure, not their snorkeling gear.

Aqualung Sport Versa Mask and Snorkel Combo will give a wonderful experience for underwater scuba divers.  The snorkel combo has a special adjustment strap to fix your head to the right position. The rubber strap will avoid struggles with your hair. It materialized with a hypoallergenic Silicone face skirt. It will give a comfortable feel inside the underwater. 

The Focus swimming training snorkel has special qualities and a low-profile design. It is designed with more comfortable and long durability. The design of the snorkel focus on the scuba diver's breath and the other activities.

The Aqualung Sport Hawkeye Combo Snorkel Set consists of a pair of diving goggles and a snorkel for adults. Properties: Glasses Silicone rim adapts well to the face and seals well. Adjustable: Adjustable buckles ensure that the glasses always stay in place Snorkel: Ergonomic flex for comfort. Water protection that prevents water from entering the snorkel.

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Zephyr Flex's unique dual-material construction combines rigidity and flexibility for dependability and comfort. The Zephyr Flex is a corrugated snorkel, with an elliptical purge valve and an anti-shock soft splashguard.

The Aqualung Sport Saturn Combo is all you need for your next snorkeling adventure. This no-frills mask and snorkel combo will have you out exploring the reefs in no time.


Ultra-lightweight meets ultra-comfort with the innovative Vita mask and Airflex snorkel. The hypoallergenic silicone skirt creates a soft leak-free fit for hours of snorkeling adventures. A single curved anti-fog lens provides a panoramic view with maximum clarity and minimal distortion.