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Ocean Guardian Freedom7 Protector Provides powerful protection when diving, spearfishing, freediving, and kayak fishing. Powered by Shark Shield Technology, the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7 gives you up to 6-hours of protection from all predatory sharks - including Great Whites.

Why take the risk of getting your SCUBA7 or FREEDOM7 damaged when you’re transporting your gear down to the beach or going on a dive trip with your mates? Get yourself this Neoprene Carry Bag and protect your gear.

Protect yourself and your catch of the day with the world's first handheld electrical shark deterrent! Powered by Shark Shield Technology, the Ocean Guardian eSPEAR is perfect for diving, snorkeling, and spearfishing.

Use the eSPEAR holster to secure the device to your thigh for easy access. Holds the eSPEAR securely in place with a quick release tab for easy access.

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The GripLock tank band assembly is the easy and safe solution for securing a cylinder to a BC. With its pat pend Finger-Saver feature and macro presets, it solves many of the common problems associated with metal cam buckles. Find out how easy it is to use GripLock.